Having to switch to acrylics from oil paints (the drying process of oil paint was a big NO with a then busy toddler and baby), has given me the utmost joy to create an almost immediate result with texture and depth.

I will always challenge acrylic to change and mould, shine, spread and thin-out as oil paints do, to be able to create work that showcases inner layers, a glow from within and textured layers with hidden stories… or added history.

Each flower is painted, layer upon layer (one base of colour could turn into a hundred) and I see their most naked form and stand with them as they are transformed into full bloom.

My floral work are guided by my childlike self. My wild kids always picked flowers on their walks where I needed to place the biggest bunch in the tiniest glass or the smallest of blooms in the biggest vase.
Each flower - as people do - are trying to stand out or hide behind the other, glowing or slowly fading away. Although, placed together, this is comfortably home. A colourful adventure...